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Welcome to 11th Floor

We Are Personal Injury Lawyers in Sydney, New South Wales

We specialise in insurance and personal injury law. We ensure to look out for our clients against big shark insurance companies. In our 30 years of doing business, we have run over an amazingly large number of claims worth well over several million dollars. As such, our reputation of excellence speaks for us

What We Do

Our activities cut across the following areas.

Vehicle Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and sustained an injury, you can receive compensation. We are well abreast with various enactments and legislations that make provision for vehicle accidents and personal injury

Public Liability Claims

Our services here at 11th Floor also extends to public liability claims. Public liability claims are actions that result from injury due to negligence by the person upon whom the duty of care is imposed. So, if you visit a theatre, a hospital, or any space with public access, and you get injured, you can reach out to us.

Medical Negligence

At 11th Floor, we have a reputation for handling medical negligence claims. Our team will assist you in understanding the rights that accrue in medical negligence claims. We also work with a policy that helps relieve you of financial burden, which is the ‘no win, no fee’ policy.

Personal Disability Claims

One key thing we at 11th Floor have come to realise is that the inability to work or operate fully in the capacity of an employee can somewhat impose some financial burden on you as well as your loved ones. This is the main reason we are devoted to spreading awareness to people on how they can access lump-sum compensations that can help relieve some of this financial burden.

Dust Disease & Asbestosis Claims

Dust Disease is practically the form of diseases that happens to the lung due to inhaling substances that are deemed harmful to the lungs. At 11th Floor, we are experienced in handling dust disease claims.

Our local partners

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New South Wales Personal Injury Commission
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Worker Compensation Claims

This claim solely covers people who get injured either at work, due to work, or while going to and coming from work. If you or any of your loved ones have experienced this, you may be entitled to seek compensation. The workers' compensation claim covers and extends to several injuries so long as they are related to work.

Sexual Assault

We at 11th Floor understand how difficult sexual assault can be for such survivors to move on. This is why we aim to make the process of seeking claims for compensation quite simple and hassle-free.

Workplace Injury Damages Claim

as an employee, you encounter or sustain an injury that causes you about 15% of body impairment or greater as expressly stated by the Workers Compensation Act, then you would have a rightful claim to a lump sum for losses occasioned due to your employer's negligence. At 11th Floor, we are a law firm highly skilled in personal injury law.

Child Abuse

At 11th Floor, we know how difficult it can be for survivors of child abuse to get back to their normal lives and move on as if nothing happened. This is why we advocate for their cause, and through the compensation granted to them, they can feel some sort of relief throughout the whole journey.

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