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Getting to Know Us

11th Floor is a foremost and Australian leading law firm with licenses and necessary accreditations to expand our practice. We have been in business for well over 30 years, during which we have consistently assisted people to achieve the best desired and reasonable outcome in a short time while still maintaining a welcoming and friendly environment. At 11th Floor, we prioritise our client’s needs and welfare because their satisfaction is our aim. We are also licensed to practice in all states of Australia.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best at what we do to be the most sought-after law firm in the area of personal injury law in the whole of Australia. We hope to keep turning over excellence in our work and keep raising the bar; we have already set it so high.

Our Values

We value excellence in our results, which is why we do not take our work lightly. In line with this, we are accompanied by three words that we use as our watchword: competence, commitment, and compassion. This is what drives all our team members to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Two Angry Motorists Arguing Over Responsibility For Car Accident

Why You Should Choose Us

We value our team because without these great minds, 11th Floor is just another law firm. This is why we treat our team like family, regardless of diverse backgrounds. We value diversity and inclusion, and it has helped us embrace each other with love.

In case you are in doubt as to why the 11th Floor should be your legal representative. Here are some reasons.

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