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Child Abuse

Our Commitment to Addressing Child Abuse

Issues centred on child abuse and rape and other forms of sexual assault should be taken with the utmost care and seriousness.  The effects of these occurrences are quite devastating and disastrous both in the victims and their family members.

Research shows that roughly 90,000 Australians have been the victim of some form of child abuse at one time or another. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these cases are eventually reported to the law enforcement authorities. Additionally, further studies have revealed that over 2 million Australians have reported physical, sexual, or emotional abuse on or before the age of 15.

How Do We Come In?

At 11th Floor, we know how difficult it can be for survivors of child abuse to get back to their normal lives and move on as if nothing happened. This is why we advocate for their cause, and through the compensation granted to them, they can feel some sort of relief throughout the whole journey.

In all our dealings, we ensure that we act with honesty and transparency and we are deeply committed to helping our clients with the healing and recovery process. We provide support by instituting legal action or advocate for justice to prevail over the said act.

At 11th Floor, we are extremely happy with our devotion to the entire cause and ensuring child molesters pay for their crime while also making sure the survivors are adequately compensated. We also hold dearly to our heart the three ‘ C’s: competence, compassion, and commitment.

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Claims on Child Abuse

If you or your family members have been victims or survivors of child abuse or any other form of abuse, then you should speak to our legal professionals here at 11th Floor. The best part is our consultation services are basically for free, either over the phone or one-on-one. And, of course, whatever you say is protected by the lawyer-client confidentiality clause. Our team that oversees this aspect isn’t just limited to lawyers and paralegals. It also extends to medical professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, etc. This ensures that every important exchange is adequately documented, and the victims are well taken care of. In case you still doubt if you need a lawyer to handle your case, you should know that bringing a lawyer on board is one step in the right direction. Claims on child abuse are quite complicated and would require special expertise or skills to be handled. Expertise that only lawyers can provide. In bringing a claim for child abuse, some of the compensation you might get cover the following areas.

  • Treatment of the victim or survivor.
  • Payment of outstanding or ongoing medical bills

At times, the court of law usually awards the survivors with aggravated and exemplary damages. However, this is mostly in rare circumstances where the court desires to make an example out of the perpetrator and serve as a deterrent for all others.
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