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Medical Negligence

Our Commitment to Addressing Medical Negligence Claims

This is a compilation made by our skilled team to serve as a guide to help you understand claims on medical negligence and the steps involved in handling it. At 11th Floor, we have a reputation for handling medical negligence claims. Our team will assist you in understanding the rights that accrue in medical negligence claims. We also work with a policy that helps relieve you of financial burden, which is the ‘no win, no fee’ policy.

Medical Negligence Claims

These are claims that occur when there is a failure of a duty of care within the medical profession. This is negligence that occurs within the healthcare or medical profession due to the professional’s failure to take reasonable care in his or her line of duty.

Medical negligence is mostly committed by Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, etc. When they fail to give adequate treatment that falls below the reasonable standard, this is sufficient compensation grounds.

Medical notes
Medical exam at hospital

This is a situation that arises out of medical negligence. It is also the harm or injury caused to the patient due to the healthcare professional’s medical negligence.

Medical negligence covers a diverse range of incidents and situations. Some of which include:

  • Negligence in general hospital and healthcare practices
  • Nursing Negligence
  • Negligence in Dental practices
  • Negligence in Medication abuse (administration of wrong dose or wrong drugs)
  • Wrongly performed surgery or medical procedure
  • Negligence in the wrong diagnosis
  • Negligence in proper patient education
  • Medical mistakes like cosmetics surgery.

So many people are entitled to compensation for medical negligence without their knowledge. In case you have been improperly diagnosed or wrongly treated for a medical condition, then it means you have been a victim. As such, you have a right to bring an action under medical negligence.

However, you should note that the only way your action can be tenable is if you can show evidence of the injury done and show proof that the medical practitioners were indeed negligent in their duty. These are the only instances in which you stand a chance to win a claim of medical negligence.

Without both elements, your chance of winning is quite slim.

As such, we urge you, if you have been a victim of medical negligence, to come for legal representation at 11th Floor. The best of it all is that our consultation services are free, so you need not be financially burdened in the process of claiming for medical negligence.

Generally, cases bordering on medical negligence and malpractice can prove complicated. To win such cases, you need expert legal representation and support from experienced professionals. At 11th Floor, we have a history of getting the desired outcome for our clients in various medical negligence cases. Some of our strategies that have proven effective over the years include:

  • One on one consultation to discuss the intricacies of the case.
  • Design of a brief for evaluation by a medical expert
  • Request various documents such as your medical history etc.
  • Assessment of reviews from a medical expert and our professional findings to build a case
  • Management and representation of your case to either mediation or litigation.
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