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Personal Disability Claims

Our Commitment to Addressing Personal Disability Claims

If you cannot work due to being injured or any other health reason, there is a possibility that you’d have access to health benefits for disability. You can access these benefits through any of these:

  • Policy on life insurance
  • Income protection insurance policy
  • Superannuation policy
  • Accident or sickness insurance
  • Insurance on employment disability.

One key thing we at 11th Floor have come to realise is that the inability to work or operate fully in the capacity of an employee can somewhat impose some financial burden on you as well as your loved ones. This is the main reason we are devoted to spreading awareness to people on how they can access lump-sum compensations that can help relieve some of this financial burden. These compensations are basically under policies such as insurance as well as superannuation. We at 11th Floor know how lack of funds can be deemed an impediment to obtaining justice or relief of some sort. This is why we are deeply devoted to the cause of aiding our clients. In line with this, we have a “No win, no fee” policy that relieves you of any financial burden regarding legal fees for our representation and consultation services. 11th Floor is one of the very few firms that make available to our clients a written testament of our commitment to not only the course of your claim but also to substantially lessen the legal fees if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your claim. Suppose you doubt whether or not you have a rightful claim to disability benefits under insurance or superannuation policy. In that case, you can always speak to any of our legal counsels at 11th Floor who would guide you on the right steps to take. We assist people on a day-to-day basis in accessing lump-sum compensations through the superannuation or insurance policy. Also, we employ various means to do this, for example, challenging the insurer in the event of failure to pay. The best part of it all is that you only need to be partially unfit for your present work to be qualified. At 11th Floor, we are quite familiar with the way insurance companies operate and the strategies they employ to award the least compensation possible for pay-outs in disability claims. This is why we are the best persons to put this knowledge to good use and manoeuvres it to our client’s advantage. When it comes to initiating a claim on an insurance policy or superannuation policy, it is always time-bound, which means after a particular time limit that is strict, you may not be able to make such claims. Thus, it is essential to seek legal representation to claim your entitlement as soon as you possibly can. At 11th Floor, we are your easiest remedy for securing your rightful claim for total or permanent disability. Although we are not the biggest, we are fast becoming one of the most specialised and highly skilled law firms in the area.
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