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Public Liability Claims

Our Commitment to Addressing Public Liability Claims

Our services here at 11th Floor also extends to public liability claims. Public liability claims are actions that result from injury due to negligence by the person upon whom the duty of care is imposed.

This right here is our guide to claims arising out of negligence, including but not limited to various forms of injuries. This guide has been compiled by our team, who are highly skilled at what they do. The guide is majorly to help you understand the law and answer compelling questions on public liability.

What Does Public Liability mean?

Public liability implies the duties owed by persons towards others who have access to their space. By a person’s space, we mean an individual’s shop, a company, business establishments, etc.

So, if you visit a theatre, a hospital, or any space with public access, the people in charge of such public space have a duty of care to keep such space safe such that anyone who accesses such space is safe from reasonable harm or injury, whether financial, physical or emotional.

Once the space owners refuse to take duty to care for such space and someone is injured. As a result, such a person has a right under the common law to bring an action for negligence.

doctor pointing on insurance claim form to female patient in clinic
Smashed Vehicle Windshield

According to the law, some institutions are compelled to have a certain degree of insurance for public liability. This is more like a trust set up to cater to individuals who are injured within their organisation due to their failure to take care.

Those who have no form of insurance set up have to take out a policy to protect themselves from public liability claims. This is why, in most cases, compensations for public liability claims are mostly awarded by insurance companies.

Compensations for public liability claims vary depending on factors such as the scope of the case being worked on, how long it takes to resolve.

For cases that become resolved in mediation, they generally cost less than cases that have to be litigated upon. For these cases that go to courts, the cost is also determined based on factors like the case’s complexity and the time duration of the court case.

In some instances, 11th Floor has a “no win, no fee” policy, which implies that you won’t be charged for our legal services if you don’t win the case.

There are certain incidents or situations that are covered by public liability law. Some of them include:

  • Falling sick from food gotten from a restaurant
  • Tripping and falling on a wet floor in a mall
  • Being attacked by an animal
  • Damage to your property through fire or water etc.
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