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Sexual Assault

Our Commitment to Addressing Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has long been a sensitive issue which you should not treat with levity. Its effect can be quite devastating and disastrous on both the victims as well as their loved ones.

We at 11th Floor understand how difficult it can be for such survivors to move on. This is why we aim to make the process of seeking claims for compensation quite simple and hassle-free.

If you have been smeared or sexually assaulted or have had someone close to you that has been sexually assaulted, it would not harm to talk to our legal team. We would be glad to offer our consultation services to you for free, either face to face or over the phone.

As one of the core values that we pride ourselves on, we are happy to help obtain justice for sexually assaulted persons.

In case you’re wondering if employing a lawyer’s services is necessary, the answer is a big Yes. Claims on rape and other sexual assault crimes are quite complex as the procedure is complicated and emotionally exhausting for all parties concerned, especially the victim or survivor.

The proceedings of the claim require various processes, including but not limited to collecting thorough evidence, formulating strong arguments to advance the case, articulating the arguments well in a court of law with the use of statutory enactments and judicial precedence. These and so many more processes are involved, and only a lawyer is skilled enough to carry them out.

At 11th Floor, we have skilled lawyers who would help with this and deliver nothing short of excellence.

Compensation on Sexual Abuse Claim

In awarding compensation for sexual assault claims, there are essentially four areas which are:

  • Price of treatment for injuries, whether physical or psychological
  • Payment of medical bills such as hospital bills as well as house treatment to recover from long-term injuries
  • Non-economic damages for non-physical injuries
  • Salary loss or superannuation if you are incapacitated and unable to work.
Beautiful black girl being victim of sexual harassment at worlplace, free space
Workplace harassment. Closeup view of black guy making unwelcome sexual advances to his secretary in

Statute of limitations means the number of years or period within which you can institute the legal proceeding. So, if a crime should have a statute of limitation, there is a time limit to which action regarding that particular offence can be instituted. Anything beyond that is rendered invalid.

For sexually related offences, the statute of limitation is three years. Meaning you have three years to advance a court of law with your claim if you’re suing for sexual assault. However, if the sexually assaulted victim is a child as at the time when they committed the crime, then there is no statute of limitation.

Claims for compensation under sexual assault can be instituted by either a person or a company. It could also be both. Instances of successful claims for victims or survivors of sexual assault that have been handled include:

  • Professionals with a duty of care or in a position of trust, e.g., doctors, teachers, etc.
  • Religious institutions
  • Private and public establishments such as schools.
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